Waugh Mountain Alpacas Ranch

Waugh Mountain Alpacas is a small breeding ranch located in Nutrioso at the eastern edge of Arizona's popular White Mountains, near the New Mexico border. At an elevation of 7,800 feet, Nutrioso enjoys cool weather, rarely reaching 90 degrees in the summer - what a perfect setting for raising Alpacas and Llamas!

Dave and I had already lived in the White Mountain area for ten years but when we moved to Alpine in April, 1998, we knew that we had found the right place to start our Alpaca business. We purchased our base herd of Alpacas in June, 1998 and in September, 2002 we relocated our ranch to Nutrioso, just 13 miles north of Alpine.

We offer quality animals for sale with an emphasis on greys and blacks. Our herd sires come from quality Peruvian and Chilean bloodlines, and both have incredible fiber density, crimp and coverage. We are very excited about our future in the Alpaca industry and would love to share our knowledge and excitement with you!

In addition to raising Alpacas, we also breed and sell Llamas for packing and pleasure. Our 40 acre ranch is bordered by National Forest at the edge of the Escudilla Wilderness and we are fortunate to be able to enjoy the abundant wildlife and scenery our area has to offer as we hike the trails with our Llamas. We have decided to share our wealth with others by offering Llama hikes from our ranch location. We can tailor your outing based on your specific needs, desires, and number in your party, so pricing and times vary. Call or email to discuss options and pricing.

Please feel free to visit us in Nutrioso to see what we have to offer..... We look forward to meeting you!

Dave and Terry Fillipi

Waugh Mountain may be a small ranch, but they are huge on customer service and knowledge. I am so glad I bought my first alpaca from the Fillipi's!
~ Lillith Avalon

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