Llama Hike

Llama's intelligence, natural agility and calm disposition makes them outstanding pack animals. For over 4000 years llamas have been used to transport goods across the rugged Andean mountains of South America. Today llamas serve as the pack animal of choice in situations that call for minimal environmental impact, ease of handling, agility and surefootedness. Packing with llamas is a very special experience.

Besides taking the load off your back they are observant and will often spot wildlife or other trail users before their human companions do. They often give vocal comments on trail conditions or their own opinions about when it is time to take a break.

Male llamas are best suited to packing. Well trained llamas will follow readily on a loose lead and mature llamas in good physical condition can carry up to one-third of their body weight. The distance a pack llama can travel is affected by its condition and natural athletic ability as well as its load and the terrain it will cover.

The most notable advantage of llamas is their low environmental impact. A llama's foot is split into two toes, with a toenail on top and a leather pad on the bottom. The print left in the soil is quite similar to that of an elk or deer. The design of a llama's foot allows it to spread on soft ground, thereby distributing weight over a slightly larger area, and allows the foot to surround and grip a surface when a llama is traveling over rocky terrain. The way they negotiate obstacles is a never ending marvel.

A final word of caution: Packing with llamas can be habit forming; you may never want to carry a backpack again! When handled with respect and understanding, these unique animals will continually demonstrate their natural abilities as hard working trail companions.

Lunch with a Llama

Waugh Mountain Alpacas is pleased to offer flexible options for our llama hikes that can be structured to your preferences and needs. While most hikers prefer a guided hike until they've been out a few times, others wish to receive a short training session and then head out on their own.

Hikes consist of 1 llama hiking companion for every 2 hikers to carry food, water, gear, etc. We can offer breakfast (morning), lunch (noonish), or happy hour (evening) hikes from our ranch location in Nutrioso at the edge of the Escudilla Wilderness.

Trails consist of wildlife trails, with easy to moderate difficulty. Hikers should wear appropriate clothing for the climate and hiking boots for secure footing on the trail.

Waugh Mountain Alpacas will provide you with a gentle and pack-trained animal, however, please be advised that all hikers taking a llama out on the trail, on their own, do so at their own risk.

Pricing We Provide Food & Drink Bring Your Own Food & Drink
Guided Hike $30.00 $20.00
Self-Guided Hike $20.00 $12.00

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